5G is getting ready for the upcoming release

The 5G debate is the biggest in the current era. The exciting part is not just the upgrading or upgrading of 4G internet. But it does not limit the speed limit. In addition to providing high-speed internet speeds of up to 10GBPS, it allows devices to communicate in real-time. This means that it can revolutionize many industries and sciences. It goes from artificial intelligence to day time.

5G is getting ready for the upcoming release
The reality of 5G technology projects is changing. Such is the case with the introduction of artificial intelligence vehicles. Baidu is a Chinese company that has successfully tried. A company called Bosch is also doing a lot of research on artificial intelligence. They are trying new things like Math instructions to make a talented car. The US, South Korea, and Japan are working on AI vehicles.

Robot engineers with zero hours lag are another big task for 5G technology. A Chinese surgeon performed the world's first 5G surgery in the world. He used a robotic surgeon on a patient who was 3,000 miles away. This is a good development.

We can say that China and its biggest Telecom are ahead of the 5G race. It has built 350,000 mobile towers that support 5G networks. But other giants such as Qualcomm in the US are ahead of their chargers for 5G, Nokia and Ericson have reached the third and final stage of the 5G trial.

In the last 5 months, a number of new phones have come in that can support the 5G network. Like the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, LG V50, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G and more. There is only one minor problem. In the first case, it is very expensive. Therefore, adjustments must be made to make it easier.

Continuous 5G development should be taken care of. This upgrade paves the way for 5G access. Qualcomm has already announced that 5G will be available for use by the end of 2020.
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