Reels Rules Testing - Replace Ticktock competitors

Instagram is used to select the best features from other apps, this time by Tiktok. Yesterday we learned that Instagram downloads some video clips from a popular teen event. Ok, reels to try Instagram. It reminded me of the Snapchat format that was introduced on Instagram and at no time were their many users at the top of the company who were really thinking about the concept. It seems that Instagram is well aware that such a device will receive a lot of traffic from teens who use these services frequently. This new video editing tool has been dubbed "Reels." Make it easy for users to create a 15-minute video. These tracks will be easy to find using hashtags like TikTok.

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When many tech critics said that the photo-sharing process translated this feature from Tiktok, the company rejected it and said:

"No two products are the same, and at the end of the day, sharing music videos is a great idea around the world that we think everyone would enjoy using. this one is special for us ... Your friends are now on Instagram. I think there is only "Instagram"

Earlier, Instagram had made it easier for users to find songs and transfer videos to other videos, but it would encourage Reels as well to promote lip service and other changes such as attraction. , upload video clips and customize videos.

Instagram Reels is currently in the process of testing in Brazil and today the company has not yet announced that it will move to another market. If Instagram had the same lifestyle when translating Snapchat videos, it would be no better than TikTok.
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