Is Tiktok, the new video editing tool?

Not long after the introduction of the Facebook integration tool to combat the growing threat posed by the Tektok virus.

Apparently, Facebook owners are trying to change some features of TickTok, and engineers are developing a new video editing tool that allows users to combine AR and music effects. In the picture, it changes its speed and repeats it. Someone else in the video - part of two symbols of jams. The device is said to have been labeled "theater".

This information comes from Jane Manchun Vaughn, a software engineer at Advanced Systems for tracking features that were never intended for a serial number. You can see it on its website with the following article:

I'm not sure if the content will be released, but Wong has a good track record when he sees the new work program. A month before the official announcement, she saw her first face of silence and took a funeral hearing in April - this character is set to be screened in seven countries. Wong said the "guidelines" were something to add

We know Facebook wants to fight the growth of brands. The company recently launched a brand-new marketer called Lazo, following the release of the employee profile of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's vice president has recommended that the Instagram site launch a campaign. the whole of young people.

Ticktock was "married to an action movie," Zuckerberg said. Tickets (Google also applies to its competitors, so to speak). While the operation has seen significant progress, managers face problems including restoring American security. Time protection

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