WhatsApp Development: Batter Damage on Android Phone

Some WhatsApp users who have updated their messages are now complaining that they are causing interruption to their mobile phones on their Android phones. Especially those with OnePlus mobile seem to be affected by this problem due to WhatsApp's suggestions.

WhatsApp Development: Batter Damage on Android Phone

Besides, with the release of the latest version for Android, some news is also circulating in popular messaging apps. One user wrote in one of the popular comments on the Google Play Store WhatsApp page that "unfortunately, due to recent updates, I can't upload or upload photos or videos."

One of the users complained that the screen told me that this media file was not available on this device. In addition to this, the problem of charging the battery also increases

OnePlus 5T user wrote:

"I am disgusted when I see the battery data only to find out that WhatsApp is charging the battery."

Unfortunately, despite many tweets, the Facebook app did not respond to the users involved.

On the other hand, there are no complaints from owners of iPhones and other iOS devices regarding issues with their batteries when using WhatsApp.

The latest update of WhatsApp 2.19.308 brings several new features, such as biometric security that allows users to put their personal and group information at their fingertips. And it is likely that these first instructions call for more battery.
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