This is in line with the company's corporate law on SECP growth

Committee on Finance and Exchange National Pakistan (SECP) has issued a rule defining the market shares of these businesses to small businesses and medium-sized (small businesses and medium-sized), planning gardens, but not useful, and other companies looga build can't cook food at a big market. .

The Business Part Number List for Growing Business - Approved
Security and Exchange Commission has warned Pakistan STORAGE STORAGE (PSX) that will produce the new law becomes official looga PSX existing license, which governs the list and selling the property. And Small and Medium Enterprises

Corporate growth laws are designed to facilitate small, small businesses and businesses seeking to raise capital by selling a market that does not meet their needs. PSX Articles List. So, in addition to the PSX center, Business Development (GEM) is PSX's second office in the market listing and business security. However, the results of the comparison between the two panels are the same.

The new office offers a much more secure environment compared to the central office. On the GEM list, there were several debt-financing companies that sent at least $ 25 million. The minimum price listed on the GEM Board is Rs.

Alternatively, any person licensed by the SECP as a broker or consultant may act as a special authority to enable the supplier. Only 10% of the papers covering the secrecy of knowledgeable investors can be provided to the client by written information. The Prediction Committee allows green projects and charities to raise money. Alternatively, companies listed on the GEM board may graduate from the head office when needed. However, migration is not allowed.

To create bonds for GEM charts, the idea of ​​investors was formed and the largest ones were connected to the PSX head office, which is now distributed to over 500 people. Knowledgeable clients are available to all NCCPL investors and experienced investors. Economy or experience.

The work of the Administrative System has improved the requirements of the GEM Office compared to the Central Office, such as the Annual Development Report Requirements compared to the Annual Advance Report.
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