GCU schools have formed an HEC committee to look at what they are not

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has set up a Basic Investigative Committee to investigate allegations of misconduct on the US Foreign Affairs Program (FFHP) of the US Treasury Academy (GCU) Lahore. The committee will look at implementing FFHP at other universities.

 the competent authorities within a month. If the Committee does not consider the details of the National Accountability Bureau's (NAB) investigation into GCU Lahore, it will resolve any problems arising from reports published in the same journal, and posted on social media.

GCU schools have formed an HEC committee to look at what they are not

The Foreign Affairs Recruitment Program was commissioned by HEC in 2003 to seek education and research services by providing technical assistance in designing new programs, training in teaching and research and capacity building. Ph.D. thesis.

The study abroad program is not offered at GCU, and 40 schools around Pakistan have benefited from the students who visit them. More than 300 professionals joined various universities under the program.

Internal research has found uneven payments of about half a million "international" University College (GCU) members from 2003 to 2013 and has sought information provided by the National Bureau of Accountability (NAB).

GCU Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS) under the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has hired a university department from overseas universities, for the field of vocational and research and to oversee students from 2003 to 2013.

ASSMS has received a large share of FFHP of Rs638 million from HEC for the payment of salaries and flights to foreign branches.

Members of the foreign school (now in the School of Mathematics) have received a GCU-SMS grant (now the School of Mathematics Studies) under the National Association of Abroad Students (Abdus Salam School 'Mathematics) under the Foreign Filing Program (FFHP) of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) between 2003 and 2013 was reported to have never been in Pakistan. a large part of the time received from the HEC announces that GCU-SMS performs major tasks.
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