Samsung Hlic Foldable phones are on all-new levels of Flip

The Korean technologist raised the surprise at the Samsung Vice Presidential Convention. Samsung has unveiled a well-used voice protocol for the announcement of its U-2 version.

As with the Galaxy Fold, unlike the Microsoft Surface Duo which has two different displays in the form of a clamshell, this mysterious computer has a screen that can be turned on. This new tool, in place of installing a flywheel, works like a phone call.

As you can see in the various pictures taken during the conference, without any general planning reasons, we cannot confirm the call. Keeping this in mind, Samsung's software is designed to make the system responsive and responsive.

The first device with good walls was the Galaxy Fold showing the inside plastic. This plastic is light enough to break even with Samsung installed by foreign dealers.

It seems worrying about Samsung's possible devices could be a thing of the past. We may see a receipt with an internal mirror soon due to rumors based on a listing of the company surrounding the illegal cable manufacturer (UTG).
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