11.11 At the international fair, Alibaba Group issued GMMB RMB268.4 (US $ 38.4 billion).

11.11 Alibaba Group earned RMB268.4 (the US $ 38.4 billion) in GMV during the International Trade Fair.

"Today, we show the world the future of consumers and consumer goods," said Fan Jiang, president of Taobao and Tamal. "We meet the growing need of Chinese consumers and help them improve their lives and introduce new users to the digital economy from China and around the world."

Displaying the 2019 International Business Exhibitions

The total value of the Alpe GMV is RMB268.4 (the US $ 38.4 billion), 26% YOY

More than 200,000 guest products

One million new products are allocated 11.11

The Kinaiao Network made 1.3 weeks of demand

The Five Biggest Chinese Exporters to GMV Border: Japan, USA, South Korea, Australia, Germany

299 million (the US $ 14.3 million) and over RMB1 billion GMV (the US $ 143.0 million); Recent products include: Apple, Bose, ST Loader, Gap, H&M, L'Oreal, Levi's, Muji, Nestle, Nike, Phillips, North Face, Under Protection, Uniqlo

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