An easy way to share WiFi setup on Android 10

What is the relationship between what is secret and what looga get rid of? Can we avoid this problem with Android 10?

If you are like us, most of your guests respond at home or at work. In those cases, you may already remember the results or show the card. Android 10 has a simple and easy way to share personal information, without letting you remember your preferences or password Google has provided a quick way to create a QR code that can be viewed on the screen. Visitors can find a code on a cell phone.

WiFi Sharing Tips
To generate a QR code, you need a working phone for Android 10 or later, but the advantage of this feature is that any phone without an Android or iPhone transmits the QR code and enters it. 'Networks.

That message, if you have an Android 10 phone that you want to test, is as follows:

Press the Wi-Fi key again or click Settings> Network and Network> Wi-Fi.

Click on the website you want to share, and maybe link to the top.

Click the share button containing the QR code image.

You need to make sure you use your face or finger or pin or your chest, so your phone should be hacked.

You don't need Android 10 to do this; For example, Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 9.0 Pie has similar features. Click the Alert button, touching the Wi-Fi key for a long time, and you will find the QR code at the top of the page through the network you want to connect to.

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