Facebook for iPhone: You are being watched 24/7 by a camera

Another day and another exciting announcement in the tech world. Every tech writer will agree with me that when the new day begins, we know there will be bad news surrounding the Facebook application. It seems that Facebook wants to identify people and stay in shape. This time it happened on Facebook for iPhone users.

Facebook for iPhone Users Comes to Another Code

All aspects of new security from facebook are more important than the previous one but even if we stopped using the application have we become slaves to it? Then today, let me say that facebook is not fair to you. If you are an iPhone user, your personal device is stored at 24.7 by the camera.

Have we become Facebook slaves?

So if you post via Facebook news feed, you should listen to the camera because Facebook was used without your knowledge. This issue affected iPhone users in iOS 13.2.2, so if you're an Android user or have an iPhone with an older OS, you're saved.

Ho latela bohlahlobisisi ba theknoloji, e shebahala joaloka sethunya se tla nkuoa ke linokoane tsa litaba tsa sechaba. Basebelisi ba nang le iPhone e hahiloeng ho iOS 13.2.2 ba na le segokahanyi se seng se setle se nang le senotlolo sa kh'amera ka lehlakoreng le letona la skrini ha u bula setšoantšo skrineng ebe u se tsamaisa.

Khabareng, ho fihlela o hokela nyeoe ho Facebook, o tla hloka ho hlakola laesense ea khamera e tla thibela Facebook ho kena ho khamera.

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