Like the patrol, Instagram's espionage app has been removed from the app store

You have the courage to use social media that does not concern your privacy. Every day we see disastrous events in a well-known device used by millions. Days ago, Apple launched a program in the Apple store to send messages to Instagram customers via their followers or their photos. This feature is similar to monitoring, this method attracts Instagram users. The device claims to have an Instagram account. Yes, that's wrong.

Apple Pulse is like a patrol that brings followers to Instagram
The boy directed the builder on Instagram, but he will not participate in erosion, otherwise, legal opinion will be taken. However, this time, Apple is out of favor due to loans about a breach of store order.

Meanwhile, Quintero, Lyk patrol manufacturer, said.

"We are very confident that our request does not violate Apple's terms and conditions, and we intend to decide on this appeal in the future." If our requests go against this policy, Instagram will not lose a similar strategy from 2011 to 2019. Why not? "

Yes, his question is correct, but it doesn't affect big tech teams like Apple and Instagram.
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