Huawei's staff is worth $ 286 million

Huawei will award more than 190,000 employees in 170 countries with a 2 billion yuan ($ 286 million) bonus for their work in the United States.

Banning U.S. businesses this year has been a major challenge for Huawei. A Chinese technology company is in danger of losing not only its business but also the reputation of the US company.

However, Huawei hoped to increase speed despite the controversy, which would benefit all the trustworthy employees who worked hard at the ban. More than 190,000 workers in 170 countries will be awarded Huawei awards of 2 billion yuan ($ 286 million). More and more employees are disrupted by security based on their performance.

As previously stated, during the American siege, Huawei responded with an informal response. Despite a slight decline in new Q3 phones, Q3's financial results have shown great success in the manufacture of mobile phones. In terms of sales, it has successfully retained its position as the second-largest mobile phone company.

Alternatively, British technology giant ARM Technology will continue to work with Huawei as it does not come from the United States.

Better yet, American factories are seeking licenses from US companies. They are meant to continue working with Huawei. Hundreds of companies have already applied for a license, one of which is Google, meaning that smartphones will soon support Google's services and services.
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